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03 6261 5806


Netsite Australia can provide a professional web presence for your business. We specialise in building web sites that provide functionality, such as quotation systems, design systems, repositories, search engines, booking or reservation systems, etc. That is, web sites that provide unique functionality or automation tailored to your business. We provide complete solutions including:

  • Advice on how your requirements can be met,
  • Quotations based on your specific requirements,
  • Registration of domain name(s),
  • Supply and maintenance of web server space to host your web pages,
  • Design and programming of scripted web pages tailored to your requirements,
  • Ongoing maintenance of your web site,
  • A consultant with more than 25 years experience in the Information Technology (IT) industry and a professional member of the Australian Computer Society.

We build simple-to-use, fast, and effective web page designs that are accessible to most Internet users. We do not encourage the use of flashy designs that take forever to load, nor designs that require potential customers to endure a presentation demonstrating how clever the web site designer was, before those customers can get to your web site.

In short, we provide a complete service, from explaining what the Internet is all about, to designing and building you a web site, setting up your domain name and web server hosting, and maintenance and operation of your web site. We can also re-engineer your existing web site.

Further Information

Forms and brochures

  • New Client Application Form. A 35 KB PDF. Download
  • About Netsite Australia, its Services, Terms and Conditions.
    A 60 KB PDF. Download
  • Setting Up to Read Mail - information for Netsite Australia customers.
    A 162 KB PDF. Download
  • Web Hosting - What is it? An explanation of Internet terminology.
    An 83 KB PDF. Download
  • How the Internet Works - A short history, how the World Wide Web works, how e-Mail works, mailboxes, webmail, etc.
    A 396 KB PDF. Download

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